Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What is Planetizen?

Church planters and all those in the church concerned about the built environment will find useful information in the newsletter Planetizen. It is delivered free to your inbox on Mondays and Thursdays.

For example, if your church is located in a Rust Belt city you will find in the February 14 issue of Planetizen that these cities are attracting a younger population. Cities like Youngstown, OH are coming back to life, especially in their downtowns, according to an article "The Rust Belt Has Arrived."

In that same issue is an article about Gainesville, FL and how it is becoming more livable. Roll up your sleeves and help your city become more liveable by learning from Gainesville. The city is emphasizing walkability and neighborhood scale.

Planetizen will also help you keep up with issues regarding religious expression and zoning. A couple in Vermont put up a 24-foot-tall cross on a hilltop on their property. The state is saying it is out of character with the natural beauty of the rural neighborhood and should come down. Do you want to support this couple?

One more example. Todd Litman, blogging on Planetizen asks "what would Jesus plan?" Specifically what transportation plans would social justice advocates make? Answer, affordable housing in accessible urban areas and more emphasis on non-motorized transportation.

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